Conductors & Artists

As the MSO, we would like to offer the best from the fantastic range available on the international stage. Many exciting names have been entered in the guest book and the future is also going to offer new talented soloists. We adhere to the Swedish artistic tradition and look after young soloists – often they remain loyal to the orchestra and the audience even when a worldwide career takes over.  A close collaborative relationship with the musical life of Copenhagen has also contributed to the strength of the region’s attraction. Who, apart from Tokyo, is able to offer three symphony orchestras within 30 minutes of each other?

There is a great hunger for work in the MSO – together with world-class conductors, intense competence work in the orchestra community and a broader choice of repertoire, we are constantly strengthening the artistic identity and profile. Working together with the head conductor Vassily Sinaisky and guest conductors, we are constantly developing our harmonic model and putting on dynamic programmes.

Principal Conductors - history
1925-1929 Walther Meyer-Radon
1930-1947 Georg Schnéevoigt
1948-1961 Sten-Åke Axelsson
1962-1964 Rolf Agop
1969-1974 Elyakum Shapirra
1974-1977 Janos Fürst
1978-1985 Stig Westerberg
1986-1988 Vernon Handly
1988-1990 Brian Priestman, first guest conductor
1991-1994 James DePreist
1994-1997 Paavo Järvi
1997-2000 Gilberg Varga, first guest conductor
2002-2003 Mario Venzago, first guest conductor
2002-2006 Markus Lehtinen, first guest conductor
2003-2006 Christoph König
2006-2011 Vassily Sinaisky
2011- Marc Soustrot


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